Coup Leader, Abdul-Fattah al-Sisi is still committing anti-human crimes against innocents in Egypt.

Despite of rights, humanitarian, and urgent appeals, coup authorities executed 9 innocent Egyptian young men, whom Amnesty International said were innocents, and who were sentenced to death in Attorney General’s murder mock trial, on fabricated charges and confessions obtained under severe torture.

Targeting the innocent youths of Egypt in this brutal form on the hands if coup tyrants is  the real terrorism that drags the whole country towards civil war, and brings about its fall and destruction; as wish its internal and external enemies, but this won’t happen thanks to the free Egyptian people.

This innocent blood, that coup authorities infringe its sanctity in order to terrorize the people and to achieve their goal of remaining in power that they insidiously seized, won’t be lost in vain. Criminals will be brought to fair trials and be punished for their crimes.

The Muslim Brotherhood group holds coup authorities -alone- responsible for these innocent blood and for Egypt’s current situation, the decline in all fields, and the practice of killing and bloodshed in many areas in Egypt.

It’s time for the Egyptian people, who is suffering under the brutal malicious rule of military, to move to save Egypt from the domination of this ruling junta who seized the country and made it a loot for its enemies at home and abroad. It’s time for an uprising that unites the Whole Egyptian people against this arrogant coup and save the region and the whole world from its evil.

We call upon all free and honorable people in the region and the free world, individuals and regional and international legal and rights institutions to do their part to save this people from the corruption and tyranny of the military junta, and restore Egypt to its people.

We pray for the 9 martyrs that Allah accepts them and grant their families patience and solace.