In January, the month that witnessed the revolution and the overthrow of the corrupt dictator, the military intentionally sent a message of terror to the Egyptian people so as to forget the revolution and its inspirations, and lose hope in its completion.

Sixty four people were exterminated in cold blood in Sinai and Qalyubia without revealing their names, or specific charges against them.

This brutal crime, and its precedents, makes the situation in Egypt – under the rule of the military – illogical and irrational, and puts this authoritarian coup authority in the place of mafia gangs.

We’re now in the face of a state of power madness and monopoly of the truth illusion. By the force of ams, people’s lives are tampered with, charges are being fabricated, mass killings are committed without a deterrent, and amid the silence of the world and the indifference of regional and international rights organizations.

This fascist authority blatantly violated the law, constitution, and human rights, and turned Egypt into a jungle in every sense of the word.

But the curse of the shedded blood will always chase the criminals till the inevitable day of retribution.