Today comes the 8th anniversary of the January 25th revolution, in which the Egyptian people took to the streets to protest against an authoritarian dictator. The revolution which the world saw its integrity and purity, and in which the whole Egyptian people embodied the true meaning of unity and revolutionary alignment on their pursued goals.

The situation remains the same, and even worse!! As the military coup led by the traitor Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi, with his gross violations, had strayed Egypt from its track towards renaissance and leadership that it was on after the election of Mohamed Morsi, the legitimate president of the country, whose election was one of the most significant outcomes of the great revolution.

The fascist coup, in cooperation with regional malicious forces, has brought Egypt to ruin and destruction. They caused destruction that never happened in Egypt’s wars with its enemies. Innocents are being killed, the country is being sold, young people were arrested, girls were raped, and Egypt became a defender of zionism. Add to this raising prices, and decline in all areas including health, education, security … etc.

It’s time for the Egyptian people to uprise and be back on the revolutionary track so as so protect Egypt and complete our great revolution.

Dear Egyptian people, let’s be back to unity and revolutionary alignment to complete our revolution and achieve its noble goals.

Dear Egyptian people, the revolution spirit is still ardent and youths are still determined, so we will continue our resistance against this gang. Our revolution is not only for one day or one months, but a long journey of struggle and work for Egypt’s rise and renaissance.

God is Great, Long Live the Revolution