The tyrant coup authorities are still committing crimes against the Egyptian people. This morning, the coup authorities executed 3 innocent men from Kerdasa, in Giza.

Coup Authorities should know well that the Egyptian people won’t remain silent about their crimes, and one day they will be punished for their crimes, thanks to the steadfastness of the martyrs and the people’s determination.

The Muslim Brotherhood group offers condolences to the families of the three martyrs and calls for the United Nations and all rights organizations to abandon their silence and move to hold coup authorities accountable for their crimes, and deter them from continuing their crimes.

The Muslim brotherhood asserts that they will never stop calling for the whole Egyptian people stand against this coup until it’s defeated.

The recent attempts of the coup authorities to amend the constitution for the consolidation of the military state, injustice, tyranny, and autocratic rule reaffirm us that the Egyptian people should uprise to prevent these procedures and restore Egypt from the hands of these tyrants, and bring them to fair trials.