A 153-page Human Rights Watch report accuses Myanmar’s government of ethnic cleansing of Rohingya Muslims, crimes against humanity that continue unabated to-date and prevention of relief aid from reaching surviving Muslims.

In a statement issued Friday, Dr. Ezzedin Al-Komi, Chairman of the Human Rights Committee of Egypt’s Shura Council, asked Human Rights Watch (HRW) to submit its documented information as evidence to the International Criminal Court Prosecutor with regard to the daily massacres, mass graves and systematic ethnic cleansing, which continues under the nose of the international community against Muslims of Burma.

“What is happening to Rohingya Muslims are crimes against humanity, gross injustice and brutal genocide. The Security Council must use its powers, activate Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations to protect the Muslim minority in Arakan in Burma, like it did in Darfur, and issue warrants of arrest for security forces, Buddhist monks and local leaders involved in those massacres.

“How much credibility will the Rome Convention and the International Criminal Court have, if they do not face up to these violations with the mechanisms available to them, designed for use in situations like this?”

Al-Komi appealed to the International Commission for Human Rights to do its part to protect this minority, which suffered greatly under military rule in Burma.